Ibiza von der Leibgarde - Born: 25-05-2016 as no. 8 at 01.30 and 520gr.

​A-litter 9 puppies/30-04-2020

HD A, AD 0, OCD Free, vWD-1 N/N (Clear), Spondylosis free 2021, Dilute D: N/d (carrier),

PHTVL/PHPV-Free, DM exon2 N/N (Clear), DNA-profile, Embark tested: 177 Free+1 carrier. 

DCM EKG FREE Dec 2019 & August 2021.

First test of Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI) is negative.


FP (BH), ZTP SG1A, FPr1 (97 point), IGP1 (91/73/93 DSB: UDP), FPr2 (94 point), IGP2 (90/90/82 DSB: UDP).

DDK Best IGP1 2019, https://www.danskdobermannklub.dk/igp1-2-3/#vindere-igp-2019

DDK Junior champion 2017.